How Valentines Came to America

A recent evening brought many of the Molly Brown House Museum docents together to ogle over the contents of the Brown family archives at the Colorado History Museum. There were many fascinating items, but one of my favorites was a collection of newspaper articles about Ms. Brown’s pending marriage to a French Duke! She had been separated from her first husband, J.J., for eighteen years when along came the Duke of Chantre sending her daily telegrams proclaiming his love. She told him she’d marry him, but didn’t really intend to follow through. I was enchanted by the regal photos of Margaret hanging out in all her furs under the headline Mrs. Duchess! Then again, I’m easily enchanted by Margaret. Eager to learn more about her brush with duchessdom, I took to the Colorado Historic Newspaper Collection for more accounts. I came up empty-handed, but was pleasantly surprised to come across an article highlighting another one of my favorite things….

A cut paper valentine from 1783. [Image Credit: Cosmopolitan, Volume 30, 1901]

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The Fury of Cherry Creek

This summer I found myself a bit east of Castle Rock in Castlewood Canyon State Park for the first time. After a climbing trip cut short by too many rattlesnakes, I drove by the broken Castlewood Dam on my way out and wondered just what had happened it…

Image Credit: Castlewood Canyon State Park

What’s left of Castlewood Dam. [Image Credit: Castlewood Canyon State Park]

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